• Last modification date: January 6th 2016
  • Identity and company address:
    You may stablish contact with SAG - MECASA SA. de CV., sending an e-mail to, by phone calling 55 10839870 or visiting us at Via Dr. Gustavo Baz 4321, Industrial Tlaxcolpan, Tlalnepantla, Edo. de Méx. CP. 54030.
  • About our privacy announcement:
    We may change the therms of this privacy announcement in any momment. When we make modifications, we will indicate the date of the last change made in the top of this page. This announcement contains the privacy elements of our site (
  • In our privacy announcement we explain
    • The information we gather and why we gather it.
    • How this information will be used.
    • The options we offer, including the way to access the information.
  • Data obtainment and usage:
    Hereby we intend our privacy announcement to be as simple as possible, but if you are not used to the terms like cookies, web-browsers and IP-address, you may take a short look about this key therms. The privacy is important to SAG-MECASA SA de CV, thats why we recommend that you take the necessary time to learn our practices, even if you are an experienced user. If you have any doubt, please contact us.
  • Personal data obtainment:
    When you register in our site, you will be asked to fill in some personal information. The data that we ask in the contact form of our web page will only be used to establish contact with you in order to fulfill your request. This data will be: First and last name of the user, telephone, e-mail address, country. SAG-MECASA also obtains information by it's call center team. By any means SAG-MECASA obtains personal data as the skin color, sexual preferences, racial origin, or health data. It is forbidden to archive the files into databases.
  • Data base:
    Our client data base, will be stored in the ERP system of the company and will only be able for the SAG-MECASA co-workers, exclusively for contacting the client. No one, by any means is allowed to export this information of the system.
  • Blocking the Cookies:

    The user can decide weather it maintains or not the cookies in their computer. The site works at its best with all the cookies activated. The cookies can be controlled or modified in the options section of your browser. Choose the link of the list below to obtain information about your browser.



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    If the user deactivates the cookies, some characteristics of the site could get blocked. In the other hand, inclusively with all the cookies deactivated, the browser obtains a small amount of information. This information is needed so our website can work properly.